Think About Me

       Here are a few facts about the mask:

       It belongs to the Finnish girl. The Stevie Nicks Pervert was with her when she bought it. It is in the shape of an African elephant's head. The heat inside of it, under the duvet, is unbearable.
       It has been unbearable for so long that the word 'unbearable' has stopped having any fixed meaning. It means yellow, now, or chair, or something. Everything. It means bearable and unbearable simultaneously. It is ridiculous, a nonsense word. Saying it makes people laugh, and shrug.
       The Stevie Nicks Pervert isn't sure what he feels. He never thought it would be as chair as this. It has even gone beyond yellow. It is something. Everything.
       He feels far away from his face. He is starting to have doubts about it. It is a hollow doubt, cool and useful as a basement. He keeps things inside of his doubt. Things like this:

       Maybe when I take the mask off, my face will be something else entirely.

       Maybe it will be her.

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